Fluency with triads quality

Study and write these steps on a music manuscript paper, then try a couple of times with several other Major keys. Click on each of the labels below to see and study from the illustrations.

In Stage 1, write your major scale of choice, write its key signature, write the redundant accidentals before each corresponding pitch-class. In this stage be sure to include these 3 types of information: a) write the corresponding scale degrees, b) Roman numerals and c) place symbols showing where whole steps and half steps occur. This will strengthen your recognition of the expected structure of the scale and the quality of triads that are available as consequence of the structure of the scale.

In Stage 2, construct and write the triads for each corresponding scale degree, include the accidentals in a redundant manner, this will help you to maintain awareness of the pitches that conform the scale, while other identifying symbols are also visible.

In Stage 3, you can trim some of the data and leave just the Roman numerals -which denote the quality of each triad, and study and indicate the intervalic structure of each triad: [ denoting major third, and ( denoting minor third.