Music Composition

Gerardo Dirié

As folks are spending more energy in navigating, understanding, surviving, and trying to help, let's be considerate about any efforts we add to colleagues and students. Such efforts include Learning more software, procedures, jargon, and jumping between different tools or online environments.

Approaches in Composition:
OneDrive - OneNote notebooks - Skype
We will use many of the mechanisms already trialed for Admissions and for Portfolios submissions and evaluations. We use OneDrive folders to collect and exchange files with the students. In addition or alternatively, we may use OneNote notebooks to best track progress of our student's projects and our specific tutorials and advice and to add relevant media. At least once a week the staff can meet online with the students through Skype. The staff has been instructed to use music marking software whenever possible to support quality instruction during online tutorials.


Ideas for Instrumental Conducting online: check this site Distance Learning for Ensembles, from the College Band Directors National Association.

Ideas from Teaching Theatre Online: A Shift in Pedagogy Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, from Daphnie Sicre at Loyola Marymount University.

Members of the College Music Society at the US are maintaining a page dedicated to sharing tips, resources, and best practices during the period of outbreak. Consult here.

Curated Listings

List of Online Resources for Learning and Drilling on Music Theory and Aural Skills. Compiled by Dr Gerardo Dirié. Access here.